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Welcome to the Home of the RNA.
So now that you are here take a look around. If you want to get a hold of us you can E-mail SnipeD our fearless leader
here, If you want someone else you can probably find a way to get a hold of them somewhere around the site. We’re undergoing some remodeling right now so please excuse the mess (links that might not work right or things disappearing rather suddenly) but if you wouldn’t mind dropping me a line if you find a big problem or are looking for something that was once here I’d appreciate it.

If you need a

password it will always be rna


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                     Just please drop by the Rules & Regs page so you know how we try to keep things.




Current News




WOW 3 years has gone by!!! Anyway we are still around and kicking. Our latest game we are tearin up is HomeFront. The single player is a little depressing and hopefully fiction but the multiplayer is great. Oh yeah the reason for this message is the vent IP has changed to:



Got the forum working again so please post! Really, dont be shy say something. Also can enter the FTP and file sharing from there as well.  



Adding some new custom maps to the COD4 server, they are too big to d/l in game so go get my map pack in the d/l section. Peace




I see it been like 9 months since I have updated the site. I am sorry for that. There has been no lack of playing of corse. We play something every night and welcome any one to come join us on Ventrilo.



We are using 2 mods now so use check server status button to see what is happening currently. We will use Mercs 7.5 w/bots during off times and NAW in the evenings for competition. The NAW website has many links for their 3.9 mod and maps. http://www.nations-at-war.com/



Hey all, our server is running Mercs 7. I have added a few maps as well. Get it all in the d/l area. Feel free to contact me if any issues.



Up coming Matches


Coming soon!